5 tips on how to pick the right FR workwear

The winter season is here. All the wearers must look for features that will keep them warm and comfortable without inhibiting their performance? For most of the industries the work doesn’t stop for cold temperatures, wind, snow, or rains. Reliable flame-resistant outerwear will shield you from weather and work hazards. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing which FR winter wear to take on the job.

FR Protection & Compliance

Be sure to select FR outerwear that is designed to meet or exceed all relevant safety norms & standards such as EN and NFPA. One must understand the level of protection needed for the job site. 

Temperature rating

The wearer shall look for and select garments that offer the appropriate level of warmth. Some FR outerwear come with a temperature rating, or CLO, that helps choose the best winter wear for the environment.

Outer Shell

This is the most important aspect and the first barrier from the outside elements. If you work in the rain, snow, or windy conditions the workwear shall be weather resistant. Select an outerwear that has features like water repellency and wind blocking. Also, if the garment has wicking and breathability it will keep you comfortable and dry which is equally important while blocking outside elements to maintain the body temperature.


The insulation helps the wearer retain the heat produced by their body, traps warm air close to the body, and keeps it warm.

Ease of movement

Ease of movement is important to comfort and the performance of the wearer. For example, garments that are designed with bi-swing backs to support a wide range of motion. Products like Parka and Weatheron are good to provide adequate warmth and insulation without being overly stiff or bulky.

Accessories & Features

The attention to details while designing the winter garments creates a big difference in the comfort & performance. Most of these garments shall have features such as water-resistant finishes, adjustable cuffs, detachable hoods, elastic or adjustable waistbands and beyond can improve the ease of use & functionality of FR outerwear.

3 thoughts on “5 tips on how to pick the right FR workwear”

  1. Well, my boyfriend’s job involves a lot of hands-on, rugged work, and his current workwear is looking pretty worn out. I figure it’s time to upgrade his wardrobe with some sturdy, high-quality workwear that not only keeps him safe but also makes him look like a total boss on the job. I appreciate you telling me that given that certain FR outerwear has a temperature rating, or CLO, which aids in selecting the ideal winter clothing for the location, the wearer must search for and buy clothing that offers the proper amount of warmth.

    1. Hello Lily,

      We really appreciate your comment, Please let us know your country and city and the industry your boyfriend works in, we would love to share some samples of our products for him to try out!

      Team Harbor365

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