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Workplace Injury Statistics


Million deaths in 2018 due to
accidents at workplace


Million accidents on job, resulting in extended absences from work


Indirect expense, for every $1 dollar spent on workplace injury

Source: International Labor Organisation

for workers not wearing correct PPE globally

Looks Unattractive

Poor Fit


Not Easily Accessible

Country Specific Clothing Solutions

Globalisation is all around us and is making the world uniform, however climatic conditions and culture of every country is different and so are body types and workplace settings. At HARBOR365, we value geographical & cultural differences and hence understand that one garment style is not an ideal solution for the global market. Our garments do not take shape thousands of miles away from you, our team of local designers spend countless number of hours, studying climatic conditions, workplace ergonomics & Socio Cultural aspirations to build a country specific solution that you deserve.

That makes you stand out

Our country specific design team ensures creation of unique styles based on local trends and needs, while incorporating latest fashion trends around the globe.


We have studied the body types and sizing of each country and the varied working environments of different industries within it. Our country specific clothing are designed to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency in the workplace.

That gives you peace of mind

We believe that every garment is a responsibility and every sale is a lifelong connection. We at HARBOR365 understand that with each garment a life is on the line. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that every piece of clothing that comes of our production facilities goes through rigorous quality control for its protective properties.

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