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Just In! - Antiviral & Stain Resistant Technologies

Introducing the new Antiviral Technology in Protective Clothing

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Advanced Silver Technology & Vesicle Technology To Curb Viruses

Tested & Proven 99.99% Effective Against COVID-19 Virus

Now wear your attitude with prime safety & comfort.

Silver emits ions that inhibit bacteria on garment surfaces, while Vesicle Technology boosts silver to deplete the viral membrane.

The hypoallergenic formula provides self-sanitizing and germ-resistance properties on the surface of the garments.

Launching the New Stain Resistant Technology in Protective Clothing

A Special Finish To Repel Tough Stains From Protective Clothing

Technology That Is Effective In A Lubricant Rich Environment

The technology fights tough stains and keeps them from sticking to the garment.

The special finish of stain-resistant formula repels lubricants, oils, and dirt stains, making the garment easy to wash.

The technology enhances the longevity and durability of the garment, thereby making it an economical choice.

Say hello to garments that never get old

Can your FR garment survive these viruses and stains?

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